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Attentive Home Care is proud of its involvement as the founding company behind the American Board of Home Care. ABHC was founded to protect and educate seniors about the differences in types of in-home care services. Seniors want to stay home and often health issues occur that can threaten this comfort. Since finding care is not an everyday activity for most, we felt that an organization founded on educating families in need was the best way to ensure seniors are cared for and protected during this vulnerable time. While the creation of ABHC did serve to promote our competitors as well, we realized that seniors selecting the best care providers would ultimately be in the best interest of those we love and care for everyday. As a family-owned agency serving all of Southern California since 1999, we have made a commitment to providing and supporting the best care services in our area.

Founding Principles:

1. To serve as a platform for unified action and the development of common, lawful standards of professional conduct among home care companies.

2. To promote the uniform enforcement of Labor Board regulations and other laws applied to the home care industry, ensuring a level playing field.

3. To promote legal and ethical business practices in the home care industry, to improve both industry standards and consumer confidence.

4. To educate governments, businesses and clients about the benefits of hiring home care companies that do business legally and ethically.

5. To make a positive difference in the businesses of home care companies and the lives of the persons who rely on their services, particularly the elderly.

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