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Roland C. 
11+ years with AHC 
"I've been working for Attentive Home Care for 11 years and they've always treated me like a part of their family. They give me guaranteed work and offer great benefits."
Erin A.
3+ years with AHC 
"I enjoy working with Attentive because the staff is very nice and accommodating to my schedule since I am a nursing student."
Shayna A.
3+ years with AHC 
"I really love the atmosphere at Attentive. The office staff are helpful, nice and genuine! All of my clients have been wonderful! It is a very great place to work and I would recommend anyone who is into caregiving and helping others to apply at Attentive."
Lelita O.
8 years with AHC 
"I have had nothing but happy experiences and love working as a caregiver for Attentive!"
Irene F.
6+ years with AHC 
"I admire the organization of Attentive Home Care. They make it easy to communicate and coordinate with the staff... I've grown confident as a caregiver thanks to the guidance of this company." 
Michael B.
6+ years with AHC 
"Attentive Home Care has strong leadership, which I really admire. I love my job because not only do I get to help those who struggle with daily activities, but I get to make people smile."
20180511_114740 (2).jpg
Mayra A.
5+  years with AHC 
"By far the most rewarding job I have ever had. Success for me is in going home genuinely happy with the difference you make in someones life and my success has been all the smiles on my patients faces at Attentive Home Care. Fact!!!"
Tywoin W.
5+  years with AHC 
"I really enjoy working at Attentive Home Care because they really care about the well-being of the patients they serve!"
Sally M.
13 years with AHC 
"I love working for AHC because the staff is always supportive! They've constantly provided me with clients since I began working. I'll forever appreciate Attentive for giving me clients that have truly touched my heart."
IMAG1119 (1).jpg
Jocelyn O.
15 years with AHC 
"I enjoy being a caregiver because I love caring for others in need. I work at Attentive Home Care because they really take care of their caregivers: from daily concerns with our clients to offering full benefits." 
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