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To RSVP to Events please select the event that you are interested in attending and click on the "Must RSVP Link". This will open a window in which you will select the date and time. (If you do not select the date and time, It will not let you move to the next step) Then it will ask you for your name, email and phone number and click on the "Book it".
NOTE: if you sign up for the newsletter you are not registered for an event

Upcoming Networking Events

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More Networking events coming soon!

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Fredy Dominguez MS HCM

Director of Community Relations

Networking Events Coordinator

With over 20 years of experience in senior care and home care services, Fredy Dominguez handles AHC's community relations in Orange County and Los Angeles County. He is one of the most experienced and passionate leaders in the senior healthcare industry. 

Affiliations & Community Engagement:

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