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Our care management services serve to optimize in-home care for our clients. At Attentive Home Care, our certified care managers specialize in preventing hospital readmissions, making professional recommendations and providing caregivers with support so as to ensure that the overall caregiving exprience is more successful. Care management at Attentive Home Care is compromised of several components: Case supervision, care management, and stand-alone care management.

Meet our Care Management Team

Lori Davis | Director of Care Management

Lori joined the Attentive Home Care Team in 2006. She holds Master’s degrees in both Social Work and Gerontology. She is a certified geriatric care manager and therapist. Lori has volunteered for the Council on Aging , Alzheimer’s of Orange County and is presently a member of the executive committee of the Orange County Task Force on Hoarding. Lori has raised eight children. She enjoys art, writing, and family gathering where she can spend time with her grandchildren. Lori is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, Aging Life Care Association, and American Case Management Association.

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When a client hires a caregiver at Attentive Home Care they also hire a team of qualified and caring case supervisors. Case Supervision is a complementary service at Attentive Home Care based on the client’s initial assessment and care instructions. Our care supervisors make regular home visits to ensure the client’s well-being is assessed and needs addressed.

Case Supervison
Care Management


  • Interviewing & selecting service providers

  • Reporting & documenting therapy

  • Transitioning to a new living environment

  • Training & supervising care

  • Mediating family dialogues

  • Escort to medical appointments

  • Assistance with legal & medical forms

  • Fostering client's self-determination

Care Management is also a complementary service for client’s who have a higher level of care or to families who may not live locally. Care Management may include a comprehensive assessment, written plan of care, and monitoring. If this is the case, a care manager manages the plan of care which includes interviewing service providers, securing selected resources, reporting to appropriate parties, orient/train/supervise care providers, help select and transition client to an alternative living arrangement if needed, act as a mediator in family dialog, escort to medical appointments, advocate for client in clinical settings, foster self-determination, and help with documentation/forms/entitlements. All Attentive Home Care, Care Managers/Supervisors are mandatory reporters of abuse.

Comprehensive Assessment

We do an in-depth assessment of...

Physical Factors

  • ​Client's current physical condition

  • Recurring problems

  • Current medications

  • Dietary & nutritional considerations

  • Ability to function independently

  • Gait stability & fall risk

  • Home safety issues

  • Isolation

  • Interaction

  • Activity

Social Factors

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Loneliness

  • Cognition

Psychological Factors

We bring our highly trained care management professionals shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients.

Together we... ​​​

  1. Assess the client's history & current condition

  2. Identify the client's goals

  3. Navigate around any potential issues

  4. Track progress of the plan

  5. Successfully complete plan 

How it Works
Plan of Care

Identifies areas of concern and presents a flexible plan to address each issue.


  • Recommendations for communication between family and medical professionals

  • Monitoring the client's progress

  • Utilizing supplemental resources to contain costs


Contracted Clinicians

Offered for clients and

their family members

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Marriage & Family Therapy


Concierge Services

A flexible and convenient option for seniors who no longer drive to...

  • Run errands

  • Have accompaniment to

      appointments, events, get-togethers

Comp Assess/Plan of Care
Care Management
Additional Services
Case Supervision
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