Technology Can Help Seniors Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

As you age, it can be harder to make time to exercise and eat healthily to protect your heart. Here are 10 ways technology can make staying heart healthy a little bit easier: 1. Quit Smoking Apps such as Smoke Reducer (Android) and iQuit (iPhone) can help you quit smoking at the touch of a button. You can also use the Firefox application on your computer -- they have an add-on called Quitomzilla, which shows you how much money you save by not smoking, the number of cigarettes not smoked and the overall time since your last smoke to help encourage you to quit for a healthier heart and body. 2. Maintain a Healthy Weight The iHealth Wireless Scale is a free app that works with iPod touch, iPhon

Tips for Managing Seniors' Medicine

Many elderly adults struggle with the complications of having multiple doctors, multiple medications and multiple pharmacies. This can lead to improper medication management which can cause more damage than you may think. Studies show that 40% of senior citizens in the community and in nursing homes are using at least one inappropriately prescribed medication. The number of hospital admissions for those over 45 for medication and drug-related conditions has more than doubled in recent years. (Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality) 51% of all emergency room visits for those over age 50 are due to adverse reactions to medications. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

When is the Right Time for In-Home Care?

It's often hard for seniors living on their own to admit that their daily tasks and activities are becoming difficult to handle on their own. Seniors tend to hesitate to ask for help, fearing that they will be placed in a nursing home and that their independence will be compromised. They may struggle to confide in their children and ask for assistance because they know an overreaction is bound to occur. If your loved one ever shows these signs of needing extra help, your first step should be to explore in-home care. Moving seniors from the comfort of their home to an unfamiliar setting can be traumatizing and potentially damaging for them. So instead of not knowing what to do, rest assured k

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