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5 Tips for Persuading Your Parents They Need In-Home Care

As your loved ones age, it may be difficult for them to admit that they need extra assistance for fear of compromising their independence. No one likes to ask for help, but there comes a point in time when we need it. Having "the talk" with your parent to convince them to seek extra care can be an awkward situation.

Sometimes even the adult children of seniors have a hard time admitting that their parents have reached a point in their life where they need a caregiver to assist them. Adult children may feel guilty when work, children and other duties prevent them from taking on the responsibility of caring for their loved one.

The pressures of a family and the growing needs of the parent can be relieved by calling Attentive Home Care; our reliable and experienced caregivers will put your mind at ease.

Here are some strategies to convince an aging parent that it's time to ask for the help they need and deserve:

1. Choose an appropriate time and place for the conversation.

Selecting a non-emotional, non-distracting location is key to having a successful conversation about the sensitive subject. It's probably not best to have the discussion around the holidays or in the parents' home. Instead, maybe take your parent out to breakfast or if not that, plan to have the discussion in a neutral location.

2. Direct the discussion by asking questions.

Asking questions comes off as less confrontational and encourages the senior to speak rather than dismiss the issue at hand. Questions can also serve as a simple starting point for the conversation. Under this method, children can ask parents what they would do if they fell at home or if they could no longer perform daily tasks or drive and allow them to try to come up with an answer.

3. Educate yourself & know your options in advance.

Do some research beforehand so that you are armed and ready when the time comes to share those options with your loved one. Know exactly what services are offered in your area so that you can make educated recommendations. Attentive Home Care provides in-home care services to all of Southern California (Los Angeles County, Orange County area and San Diego County). Some parents think asking for help means losing their independence, so hearing the details about in-home care and aging in place will relax and reassure them.

4. Focus on the benefits.

If your parent has any concerns, steer the conversation to the benefits of home health care services. Caregivers can drive them to wherever they would like and make them mobile again. Also, with a caregiver in place, the family can visit the senior and instead of working for them. Encourage your parents to see how receiving help with basic tasks can save them time and allow them to pursue hobbies and personal interests.

5. Call in a respected authority figure.

If all else fails, call in a relative, religious leader or even the eldest child, someone who your parent takes seriously and respects. Meeting with a caregiver or professional from Attentive Home Care is an important step in the process, but it should come after the senior hears that they need help from someone they care about.

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