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True Story

About 9 years ago Doctor Zona a psychiatrist called Guardian Angels Homes, seeking placement for someone with the name of Carolyn.

We were her last option. No family and if we did not accept her she would have to live in a psychiatric hospital.

He promised me if I brought her to all her Doctor appointments, if we were strict with her medications we would succeed. Carolyn had about 5 major illnesses. With the help of Dr Heitland we have succeed that she has had a comfortable life. For the past 9 years I have been her protector, her advisor, her mother. I have been her everything. Carolyn needed structure but she needed someone to trust. I have been taken her to the store, to buy her clothing. To restaurants to meet her friends. We enrolled her in two day programs. One of the programs just rejected her saying she needs 3 nurses to take care of her. She has developed a heavy case of Parkinson's. Recently she developed a serious skin cancer so I personally take her every Wednesday for surgery.

Why do I do it? Why I do not send her to a Nursing Home where everybody tells me to Send her? Because I care because I have the commitment that she will age and die with us. They call it aging in place. Carolyn has taught me how to be patient, how to apply structure but with love.

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