Indoor Activities for Seniors & Caregivers

Beat Senior Seasonal Depression with Engaging Indoor Winter Activities

Seasonal depression affects many seniors. Engaging indoor activities can make the winter more enjoyable and healthy.

Depression can increase during the winter months, affecting senior health and quality of life. Indoor activities for seniors can relieve depression.

About 6 million American seniors are affected by depression. For many, depression occurs or increases during the winter months. Depression can increase health risks, including the risk of death. Many indoor activities can improve seniors’ outlook and ease the effects of depression. (WebMD)

Indoor Activities Seniors Can Enjoy in the Winter

Social Activities

Loneliness and depression are linked. To brighten a loved one’s winter season, encourage social activities like:

• Visiting with friends regularly

• Communicating online via video chat

• Letter writing or scheduled phone calls

• Joining a senior hobby club

• Getting involved in a religious group

• Volunteering if able

Creative Hobbies

Having a goal in sight can give seniors something to enjoy and to look forward to. Find hobby projects that a senior can complete over the winter indoors. Try:

• Scrapbooking

• Completing puzzles

• Knitting or crocheting

• Making models and crafts

• Painting or other arts

• Playing board games

Adult Education

Acquiring a new skill engages seniors’ minds, which is good for their mental health and can ease depression as well. Look for:

• Local book clubs at the library

• Community education classes

• Lectures at museums